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‘Tis the Season to be Hiring

posted by Michael Fernando


The holiday season has arrived– travel arrangements are being made, decorations are being put into place, and the smell of pumpkin pies and peppermint coffees are filling the air. For employers where sales are bolstered by the season of giving, this also means that it’s time to increase their workforce to handle the dramatic jump in demand. Outplacement firm Challenger, Gray and Christmas forecasts that seasonal employment in retail alone could reach 800,000 hires this year – up almost 60% since the Great Recession and the highest since 1999. To give you an idea of the volume with which some of the larger companies are planning to hire this year, shipping giant UPS has said that it plans to hire 90-95,000 seasonal workers, which is almost double what it hired last year. Retailers Macy’s and Amazon both plan to hire 86,000 and 80,000 workers, respectively.

The approach leading employers take to hit their seasonal hiring targets can vary.  Here are a few ways that leading employers attract and connect with prospective seasonal workers:
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Recruiting on Purpose

posted by Michael Fernando

Here are a few short and sweet questions for you talent acquisition pros on this Friday.


What’s your ideal Candidate Profile?


Who are the individuals you’re trying to attract and recruit to work at your company? Where do they live? What do they listen to? What do they watch? Are they actively searching for jobs or are you tapping into passive talent? Are they in school? What do they do in their free time? Are they constantly on the go? Which social media networks are they on?

These are just a few questions hiring teams should be asking when developing the company’s talent acquisition strategy. Determining the target candidate profiles drives which channels and solutions to utilize and defines the who, what, when, where, and how of a successful talent attraction approach. Ultimately, you’re looking to attract and connect with potential job candidates that are more likely to 1. Be interested in your job, 2. Be qualified for the position, and 3. Be a good fit for the company and it’s culture.
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How to Turn Customers into Employees with SMS Recruiting

posted by Michael Fernando



Talent acquisition leaders responsible for building high volume talent pipelines in retail, hospitality, food service, and transportation face a tough task. High turnover, industry trends, and seasonality necessitate more than the post and pray approach. “Now Hiring!” signs posted in and around your store may work for the independent sandwich shop owner however leaders responsible for hiring across thousands of locations understand that hiring notices alone just don’t cut it. No, what’s required is multi faceted talent acquisition strategy. One that leverages solutions that compliments the employer brand, provide appropriate calls to action, are simple, streamlined, and connect the candidate directly with the hiring team in store, on premise, or at hiring events. Some of your best customers can certainly becomes top job candidates if (and that’s a big if), you’re making the right ask. Continue reading


Candidate Experience – The Front Door Matters

posted by Michael Fernando


When it comes to talent acquisition, finding qualified candidates is half the battle. But you’re smart. You already know your target candidate profile and when, where, and how to find them – be that on-premise, through social media, employee referrals, or on online job boards – and that’s great. However, there is still a gap between finding ideal candidates and actually hiring them. You’ve gotten your ideal candidate to your doorstep, so to speak, and they’re ready to apply. Now it’s time to get them through the door and into your company, your culture – your home. With a potential applicant drop-off rate ranging from 50%-80%, it becomes obvious that the front door matters. Continue reading


Gone Fishin’

posted by Michael Fernando



I realize that it’s Tuesday morning, but I’m still daydreaming about this past weekend. Now I don’t know where you all are reading this from, but here in Georgia the weather was nothing short of awesome – clear skies, warm weather, and lots of sunshine. One of the ways many of my friends and colleagues took advantage of the beautiful weather was by packing up their rod and reels and heading out to do some fishing. Which got me to thinking… fishing is a lot like talent acquisition. Bass masters that employ a strategic approach and arm themselves with solid equipment are better positioned to land the best catch. Let’s take a look ways employers can more effectively cast their nets to catch the right talent that fuels business. Continue reading


Are You Playing Hard to Get?

posted by Michael Fernando



No, this isn’t a post about dating. However, there are too many parallels to ignore and certainly a few lessons for us here. The initial interactions and engagement between parties in any budding courtship are critical to get right. Initial interactions between employers and their prospective employees are equally critical to get right to successfully develop relationships with prospective talent. Employers historically play hard to get, so to speak, by using outdated talent acquisition solutions, communicating poorly. Here’s the pro tip employers…You want to be easy. Continue reading


Here’s my number, text me maybe? – SMS recruiting

posted by Michael Fernando



Pretend for a minute that you’re in a crowded room – a doctor’s office waiting room, or maybe you’re in a restaurant. You hear a tri-tone beep or an audible vibration, what’s the first thing you do? If you’re like me, then there’s a high likelihood that you look at, or at least feel for, your phone. In fact, chances are that you just did that very action after just reading about it. SMS, or text messaging, has become so engrained in modern society that for most people just the simple sound of a phone going off triggers a subconscious response to check their own phones. Would it not make sense to leverage such a powerful form of communication in your recruiting efforts? Continue reading


Talent Acquisition Mastery: Mobile Recruiting

posted by Michael Fernando


Today we embark on a multi-part series developed to help hiring teams become Talent Acquisition Masters! Part one of the series covers Mobile Recruiting attraction and engagement techniques. Roll with us through this series and we promise two things: One – at the end of the series you’ll have gained practical knowledge and realistic steps your company can take to more effectively attract, engage the talent the fuels your business. Two – You’ll get a cool certificate to put up at work showing you are a talent acquisition master. Let’s get started! Continue reading


Employer Branding for the Win

posted by Michael Fernando



A company’s brand can be considered critical infrastructure to operational team members. It’s more than just the logo, colors, and typography. It’s everything that defines what the company is – its story, projected vision, values, and culture – both inside and outside of the workplace. While the company can place high value on maintaining its brand, ultimately it’s up to the consumers to determine the reputation and value that brand has in the marketplace. Continue reading


The Evolution of Hiring

posted by Michael Fernando



As the War for Talent rages on, we’d like to stop briefly and take a minute to look at how recruiting and hiring processes have evolved over the years. From the military recruiting of ancient civilizations, to the seamless mobile recruiting capabilities of today; the way in which job candidates search and apply for job opportunities and connect with employers has changed dramatically. Continue reading

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